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The Library and Archives of the University of Pannonia

The documents concerned with the institutions, units and teachers of the University of Pannonia (except the Georgikon Faculty) lie within the competence of the Archives (founded in 1999). The series of the minutes of the faculty, university councils (created since 1949) as well as the dean’s and rector’s councils can be found completely in the collection of the Veszprém Department. The registered documents of the Rectorate and its units are the most crucial series in the Archives’ collection. The complete series of the registers of the students (containing educational and personal data) forms elemental part of the records. These documents are preserved by the department of education and information until the records are taken to the Archives. It is necessary to highlight the fond containing documents of Károly Polinszky (founder, Dean and later Rector of the University) which relate to Veszprém. Records created up to 31 December 1995 were taken to the Archives when the institution was established. 97 linear meters of documents have been placed there since. Repository registers and repertory published in 2001 assist the research in the Archives. The records housed in the Veszprém Department of the University of Pannonia Archives amounts 222.64 linear meters, classified into 1900 items, 26 fonds. The time range of the collection: 1949-2010.

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Gábor Tóth – Director-General
János Jaraba